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It is the mission of cat-man-du to provide the highest possible levels of customer service and marketplace ethics while building long lasting relationships with our clients. In addition, we strive to earn a modest profit while giving back and supporting not only the communities that we serve but the world that we live in as well.

cat-man-du recruits staff members who are at the top of their game, not only with regards to their technical skills but with interpersonal skills as well. These top-notch team members accomplish our mission by keeping their technical skills honed as well as their relational and customer service skills refined.

To Our Team Members

We strive to provide our Employees (we prefer to call them Team Members and/or Partners) with a fun and stable work environment focused on equal opportunity and a commitment to growth and fulfilment. cat-man-du was founded to be the vehicle that allows our Partners to realize their own dreams and goals. We hire Team Members who are passionate, creative, innovative and goal minded. Above all, Partners are given the same respect, and serving attitude that they are expected to share with our valuable clients. We create a culture of excellence, teamwork, fun coupled with a commitment to one of our mottos:

"Do what you say you're going to do, when you say you're going to do it."

Our Mission Statement

cat-man-du believes we must put our clients' needs first, operate morally and ethically in every situation and be dedicated to providing the best customer experience possible. We will deliver our high-quality skills to our clients in a timely and professional manner and earn a fair profit doing so. The customer is the reason we exist. We will always provide the best customer service, technical support and business relationships available anywhere.

As a team, we are committed to our clients and to our primary motto: "Everything Matters."


Ray Wilson

Founder, Acting President/CEO and Board Chairman

As President and CEO of cat-man-du Corporation. Ray Wilson leads the largest and most awarded computer service and IT support company in West Texas. Ray brings over 25 years of business leadership and management to the table with more than 15 years of that time in IT management. Ray has been recognized and awarded by the Amarillo Chamber of Commerce, the BBB, the Amarillo Young Professionals and the Amarillo Independent School District. Ray has also served on the Board of Directors for the Amarillo Chamber of Commerce and the Don Harrington Discovery Center. Ray has a heart for giving and actively supports many charities worldwide. Ray is also a professional musician who has sold his music worldwide.

Amber Wilson

Chief Financial Officer

Amber is the Chief Financial Officer of cat-man-du Corporation, a position she has held since 2004. She is responsible for all financial matters for cat-man-du, including Accounting, Internal Audit and Controls, Tax, Treasury and Asset Management. Amber earned her Associates degree in Business Administration from Amarillo College in 2003 and her Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), Accounting from West Texas A & M University in 2006.

Tony Martin

Executive Vice President, Operations and Regional Supply Chain

Tony is the VP of the daily operations and supply chain management for West Texas. In this role, Tony supports the mission and strategies that are determined by the Board of Directors and the Executive Officers of cat-man-du Corporation. cat-man-du Corporation's Supply Chain is responsible for purchasing millions of dollars worth of inventory, specific client orders, as well as procurement of company supplies and assets. Additionally, Tony's role over operations see's him providing oversight to the West Texas region while he ensures that quality and safety systems are in place, cat-man-du Corporation policy adhesion and that each location is in compliance with State and Federal Laws.


cat-man-du Corporation is the most awarded computer sales and service and Business IT service in West Texas.

Over the years cat-man-du has had the honor of working with thousands of businesses and residents in West Texas, Eastern New Mexico, Oklahoma, Kansas and the DFW area from our three locations in Amarillo, Canyon, and Dumas Texas. With a true desire to solve computer and technology related problems, cat-man-du has become the leader in the Texas Panhandle and beyond when it comes to Information Technology.

cat-man-du Corporation has received the following honors, awards and recognition:

2012 Winner Top Small Business - Amarillo Chamber of Commerce

2010 Winner, Better Business Bureau of the Texas Panhandle's Torch Awards for Marketplace Ethics - Better Business Bureau of the Texas Panhandle

2009 Top 20 Under 40 - Amarillo Chamber of Commerce and the Amarillo YP *Ray Wilson awarded

2009 Finalist, Better Business Bureau of Amarillo's Torch Awards for Marketplace Ethics - Better Business Bureau of Amarillo

2009 Jim Henson Top Small Business of the Year - Amarillo Chamber Of Commerce

2007 Heart For Kids Award - Amarillo Independent School District/AACAL

2006 Finalist, Better Business Bureau of Amarillo's Torch Awards for Marketplace Ethic - Better Business Bureau of Amarillo



At cat-man-du we believe that it has become an essential requirement of doing business responsibly and successfully to pay attention to the impact that we have on our environment and on future generations. As West Texas's largest computer and technology retailer, our actions have the potential to create a better world for generations to come. To accomplish this goal in 2008,we created cat-man-du Green.

What is cat-man-du Green?

cat-man-du Green is the asset recovery division of catmandu, Inc. This division handles the collection and recycling of electronic hardware waste or e-waste produced by cat-man-du, our partners as well as our competitors.

Why spend so much corporate money and energy with cat-man-du Green?

To protect our air, ground, and water supplies and help ensure a future for our children. A study by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has shown that electronics already make up approximately two percent of the municipal solid waste stream, and research indicates that electronic waste is growing at three times the rate of other municipal waste.

In 2011, the US alone generated 3.41 million tons of e-waste. Of this amount, only 850,000 tons or 24.9 % was recycled, according to the EPA (up from 19.6 in 2010). The rest was trashed - in landfills or incinerators.

Electronic circuit boards and batteries can contain hazardous materials, such as lead, mercury and hexavalent chromium. If improperly handled or discarded, these toxins can be released into the environment through landfill leachate or incinerator ash.

What does cat-man-du Green do with e-waste?

cat-man-du Green exercises a zero-landfill policy and abides by the Electronics Recycler's Pledge of True Stewardship. Hardware that has not yet passed its useful end-of-life will be used to build computers that can be sold at a reduced amount. These sales help offset the expenses that the company encours through our "green" efforts. Hardware that has already passed its useful end-of-life will be broken down to base components and shipped to our recycling partners.

Who are cat-man-du's partners?

We currently work with CRC Recycling to make sure that every aspect of the equipment disposal is handled properly.

How can I dispose of my hardware and how much does it cost?

Cost to you: zero. Just bring us the hardware.

Contact us today for more details!

cat-man-du FAQ

Where did the name cat-man-du come from?

Our company founder, Ray Wilson, was driving between Amarillo and Dumas one day while performing computer services as a side business when he decided to start the company. He was searching for a name that would both set the company apart from the many competitors and describe the type of company he wanted to create.

A song from 1975 came on the radio by Bob Seger called "Katmandu" that describes not feeling loved where the person is at currently and wanting to go someplace better. Because Ray had been in the technical industry for so long he knew that most customers were unhappy with the service they receive from computer repair companies and IT companies but that they just didn't know of any other alternative. It also dawned on him that he could take three commands used in the Linux OS (cat, man and du) and phonetically pay homage to the Bob Seger song.

He went home that night and created the company logo and name. According to Ray "The name is a pinch of fun, a dash of nerdy and a whole lot of Rock 'n' Roll on a serving platter that puts our clients first and gives them a place to go and receive the service they deserve but can't get at our competitors."

Is cat-man-du a "local" company?

catmandu, Inc. or cat-man-du Corporation is a privately traded Texas "C corporation" founded and based in Randall County Texas, headquartered in Amarillo, Texas. cat-man-du currently has three locations in Amarillo, Canyon and Dumas Texas and serves West Texas as well as Eastern New Mexico, Oklahoma, Kansas and the DFW area.

Does cat-man-du perform computer service for individuals, IT support for business, new computer sales or all three?

In short, all three and more. cat-man-du is staffed with some of the most experienced computer technicians and IT administrators within an 800 mile radius. Our business model is based on building lasting relationships with clients through amazing customer service and dedication to their technology whether is is their home computer and network or a complex business network with multiple servers and hundreds of computer workstations. In order to accomplish this goal we have staffed our locations with technicians and customer support team members that are highly trained in all forms of computer repair and service as well as business IT. In addition, to maintain our business relationships and achieve our company goals, we sell new PCs, tablets, networking equipment, business workstations and servers. The challenge is to partner with a company that we can be proud to place our brand and theirs side by side. To meet this challenge we partnered with the number one PC manufacturer in the world which also has the lowest failure rate coupled with outstanding product support. That company is Lenovo. In addition to being an authorized Lenovo reseller, cat-man-du is also the only authorised service center in West Texas. In addition to partnering with Lenovo, cat-man-du has also partnered with Google in order to offer their Nexus line of tablets and smart phones.

Is cat-man-du HIPAA Compliant?

Yes. HIPAA privacy rules provide cat-man-du and its technicians with "business associate" rights to limited use and disclosure of the information. cat-man-du never discloses data unless required by law. cat-man-du does not access any portion of the backup data unless authorized for customer support purposes. cat-man-du can be fully prevented from data access by use of the client-side secret encryption key.

HIPAA compliant information systems require a combination of administrative procedures, physical safeguards and technical measures to protect patient information during storage and transmission across communication networks. As a significant part of your overall contingency plan, cat-man-du provides secure, automated data transmission and storage services for data backup and recovery.

cat-man-du implements the following HIPAA compliant features:
- Data security Microsoft EFS encryption - data is ALWAYS compressed and encrypted during transmission and storage
- Data integrity controls with mutual authentication
- Restricted password access - a secret encryption key can be specified for ultimate security
- Off-site storage at secured data servers (DataHealth)
- Extended storage is available at an additional cost per year (HIPAA requires storage for minimum 6 years)
- Optional monthly CD or DVD archives are available

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